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It’s high time that we collectively take a stand against and strongly condemn the contemporary scenario of interminable discrimination against minorities, women and specifically children around the globe.

We bewail the plight of young Maria Shahbaz who at a very tender age is being violated by the unjust structures of power that surround her.

It’s indeed appalling that the very system which should deliver her justice is smacking her down into perpetual doom with its bigoted verdict.

Together, we, the whole of humanity plead on her behalf that justice be done to her. We share her pain, seek for swift and unbiased judicial intervention and pray that the whole world unites forever against such verdicts which unquestionably go against the collective conscience of humanity.

Let equal rights no longer remain the privilege of a chosen few and let us work in unison towards ending oppression of all sorts against the minorities.

Forsaking all differences of caste, creed, religion, race and gender, let the world unite for its young children, for the gazillion dreams that they cherish and for the radiant future that lies ahead of them.

Let’s forever put an end to the systematic oppression and violence that obliterates childhood.


Let children live, dream and fly unbounded!


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